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Individual Counselling (in English) 15 000HUF / 53EUR 
Individual counselling (in English) online 15 000HUF / 53EUR 
Couple and family counselling (in English)
(90 minutes)
25 000HUF / 83EUR
Business Coaching (in English) from 40 000HUF /
from 130EUR
Business Coaching (in English) online from 40 000HUF /
from 130EUR
Emergency Fee
Appointment within 2 days, outside of office hours
100% of the given session 

The prices are valid for one session. One session stands for 50 minutes of consultation.
Bank transfer payments in currencies other than HUF will be charged with an additonal 
fee of 5EUR.

Cancellation: The appointment can be cancelled or modified chargless before the day of the appointment. 
Appointments cancelled or modified on the scheduled day will be charged with the 50% of the total price of the given session,
an unannounced absenteeism will be charged with the total price of the given session.