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Business Coaching

To be able to solve problems you always need the sufficient power and the corresponding abilities. To reach your goal you need to be trained not only physically but mentally as well. Coaching helps you to keep your inner vitalty in your everyday work.

You are welcome iin our Counselling Office where Mátyás Káplár Pychologist provides you a full service of coaching.

During the personal meetings you will be able to determine you goals better, to gain motivation and recognize the given opportunities. The more you know yourself, to more you will be able to recognize your abilities and reach a high level of self-esteem. The goal is to reach more and more in your carrier, and for this make the right decisions and have a good time management.

You can learn how to motivate your coworkers and clients, to be more and more successful in your businiess life, and how to solve conflicts in a way that is frutiful for you and your partners as well.

Over our personal coaching service we proved help in acquisition and in evaluation processes based on your needs. We are able to administer and evaluated the related test to provide you more accurate information about your coworkers. 

Free information és appointment arrangement: +36 30 121 2859