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How it works

AYou contact us via phone or email. After a short discussion we arrange an appointment in our Counsellng Office.

BDuring our first personal meeting we get known with each other and determine the problem and the current situation. We discuss the goals and the frames of our common work and scheudle the meetings.

CDuring the regular meetings we are looking for solutions to your problems. There is always a possibility for discussion and consultation. We will evaluate the different possible solutions and pathways and based on your decisions we will support you through the whole process to help you reach your goal.


Environmental awareness

For us environmental sustainability is important, thats why we do the most of our administration electronically.

Donate Counselling

You can donate counselling services for those who are in need but cannot afford this service.


Who is worth for counselling?
In all of our lives we meet situations when we do not know how to continue, we do not see the exact solution of the problem. It is not a shame to ask for help. Through counselling you are able to get over hard situations easyer and you can keep your inner balance.
How long doest it take to find a solution?
We handle all the cases of our clients individually. We determine the goals together and schedule the meetings on your requests. That's why each case is different. In average we work in 5-10 session series to solve a moderatly difficult problem.
Will you keep in secret what I tell you?
The basis of our work is confidence and mutual trust. The counsellor has to handle all the information that he finds out confidentally, as a medical secret. He must not share any information wiht any third person without the approval of the given client.
Not only silly people go to visit a psychologist?
In our conselling office we work with healthy people. Our clients asking for help in the solution of problems they meet in everyday life but cannot handle them. During counselling sessions we are looking for solutions and providing support. Clinical Psychologists treat people with mental disorders. This area is separated from Counselling.
What does it cost?
You can learn more about our prices on THIS page.
Which languages are available?
We provide our counselling service in English and Hungarian languages.