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Donate Counselling

There are a lot of people among us who would need help in their everyday life but cannot afford to apply for counselling. With the cooperation of the Életműhely Közhasznú Egyesület (Életműhely Non-Profit Foundation), you are able to help these people to get the service they need and reach a better life and find a soution to their probelms.

The process of donation is very easy. Clicking on the link below you can apply to be a donator enetring your contact data and the number of sessions that you want to donate (1 session means a 50 minutes consultation). After sending your offer, one of the coworkers of the Foundation will contact you in a short time to discuss the details. Finally you transfer the offered amount of money to the bank account of the Foundation, and your receive a receipt.

On our website we continously post the number of the offered sessions and provide free counselling from these donations to the people who are in need.

You can make your offer HERE.