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LGBTQ+ Friendly Counselling

In our work it plays an important role to provide appropriate help for the members of the gay (LGBTQ+) community. We think that is highly important in the life of an individual to be able to be totally identical with his/herself and be happy with his/her identity. During the counselling when we are solving the problems, it strongly helps our clients that they can live their own identity, sexual orieantation in secure, in a supportive environment. It is particulary important for us to provide counselling and counsultation for same sex couples, and to be able to work together on the soulution of their problems.

The fiels coverd by counselling:

  • Everyday problems and conflicts
  • To accept and live your own identity and sexual orientation
  • To accept the identity, sexual orientation of your child, friend, parent
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Coming out

Free informaion and appointment arrangement: +36 30 121 2859